The movement for a shift that values greater economic opportunity, social equity and environmental sustainability is at a tipping point.  Impact Hub is a global entrepreneurial community driving this movement.  What started, in 2005, as a gathering place for impact economy pioneers in London, has grown to a network of over 7,000 professional members in 50+ physical spaces worldwide.  In 2014, one new Impact Hub location will open every month. This growing community utilizes the power of entrepreneurship, collaboration and network effects to create and advance innovative approaches to both local and global social and environmental challenges.

Impact Hub Global Gathering
Impact Hub 2014 Global Gathering


Impact Hub is, first and foremost, deeply rooted in “place”.  Each Impact Hub is a local community of members connected by the shared goal of using business and entrepreneurship as a tool to drive positive change.  By providing a physical space for work, collaboration, convening, events, classes and workshops, each Impact Hub location builds a unique culture and network of values-aligned professional members at the local level.  As a global platform, the Impact Hub Association provides members with access to contacts, mentorship, global market insights and collaborative opportunities that accelerate their success.

While most Impact Hubs are independently owned and locally-grown, Impact Hub San Francisco and Berkeley, and now Impact Hub NYC and Philly, are part of a parent company called Mission Hub LLC.  Mission Hub’s purpose is to drive social innovation and impact at scale through a number of initiatives. Its founders have been leaders in the impact investing and social enterprise movements for the past two decades. In 2008, Mission Hub launched SOCAP, the globally-recognized impact investing and social entrepreneurship conference series that has convened 10,000+ innovators from 70+ countries to date. In 2009, looking for further ways to build community and support social impact entrepreneurs, Mission Hub opened the first two U.S. Impact Hub locations in Berkeley and San Francisco. From 2011-2013, Mission Hub helped fuel the growth of the Impact Hub network across North America by assisting in the launch of locally-owned Impact Hubs in Boulder, Seattle, Los Angeles, Boston, Mexico City and Oakland.


Impact Hub at SOCAP13
Impact Hub at SOCAP13. Photo credit: Jayson Carpenter


This year, we are launching Impact Hubs in New York City and Philadelphia in order to jump start our network in these key East Coast innovation cities. Impact Hub NYC is a merger with Green Spaces NY, a values-based community for social change. Since 2008, Green Spaces NY has served New York’s social innovation community, offering an inspiring work and events space for world-changing organizations.  We are expanding their existing space in Tribeca from 5,000 square feet to a beautiful, new, three-story 15,000 square-foot campus. Click here to read a personal story from Green Spaces NY & Impact Hub NYC Co-Founder, Marissa Feinberg.

Together, we are a global community of entrepreneurs, activists, artists, and professionals who believe in the power of business to accelerate social and environmental change. Our community is committed to these principles:

  • Integrity – We care deeply about making a positive impact with our work.
  • Participation – We give back by getting involved in our communities.
  • Collaboration – We seek out diverse perspectives to achieve common goals.
  • Innovation – We strive for creative solutions that challenge the status quo and our imaginations.
  • Courageous Action – We take risks and try new things because we are optimistic about the future.

Through our global association and our shared principles, Impact Hub is building a movement.  We believe that a better world can be created through the combined accomplishments of compassionate, creative and committed individuals focused on a common purpose – taking a leadership role towards our shared future and making a positive impact.  The Impact Hub network is a global force for the new economy. We hope you’ll join us.