Impact Hub Berkeley was a social innovation experiment. The idea was to launch a small Impact Hub before diving into the giant market of San Francisco. Berkeley would be the test kitchen; it was the place to try out the hypothesis and tweak the business model for success. And lo and behold, it worked.  With a location in the LEED Platinum Certified David Brower Center and neighbors focused on sustainability across all sectors, Impact Hub Berkeley was deliberately crafted to anchor a thriving community. Physically, our space provides expansive windows, natural light, clean indoor air quality, and infrastructure from recycled materials. We buy our products from fellow B Corporations whenever possible and firmly root ourselves in the belief that businesses can and should do good.  Back in 2009, our first large-scale community offering was a building-wide party with KIVA and Good Magazine. Over 800 people attended to celebrate the launch of Impact Hub in the USA and KIVA's 4th birthday. Our earliest members included Change.org, Job Rooster, Good Capital, CoFed, Sustainable Economies Law Center, Hub Ventures, Ashoka Youth Ventures, SENDA, and more. Today, we continue to foster an open space for bringing people together. As one of our founders, Tim Freundlich says, "It was a barn raise to be sureseeing the community find its ‘town square’ and reconnect the fabric of social innovation that was just waiting to happen, that was one of the most rewarding aspects of this for those involved."
Impact Hub Berkeley coworking space

Global Marketplace for Social Innovation

Impact Hub Berkeley is a coworking and events space for social innovators. With year-round programming, themed, “Sustainable Food/Ag,” Impact Hub Berkeley is part of MissionHUB, a global marketplace for social innovation that includes:
• 1,500+ members of Impact Hub coworking & events campuses in San Francisco, Berkeley, Washington, D.C., and New York City
• 13,000+ attendees of the annual SOCAP conference for impact investing & social entrepreneurship since 2008
• 15,000+ attendees of events on Impact Hub campuses each year, with a focus on Financial Inclusion in New York City, Sustainable Cities in San Francisco, Sustainable Food/Ag in Berkeley, and Civic Innovation in Washington, D.C.
• NEW: SOCAP 365, year-round education programming on campuses with world-class speakers; and SOCAPtv, video platform for social innovation thought leadership, broadcasting globally
• Piloting in NYC: Impact Bazaar, a marketplace for social innovators to access resources to launch and grow social impact


The first Impact Hub was founded in London in 2005. Today - from Amsterdam to Johannesburg, Singapore to Mexico City - Impact Hub has evolved into a rapidly expanding global network of over 7000+ members in 40+ shared workspaces.
Each location is deeply rooted in the local community and offers innovative programs, events and tools for connecting to other members. Through our global association and the shared principles of collaboration, respect, and participation we are building a movement.  We believe that a better world can be created through the combined accomplishments of compassionate, creative and committed individuals focused on a common purpose.
*Impact Hub Berkeley members have full access to NYC, Washington D.C., San Francisco & Berkeley locations with benefits at other global locations through our association's global passport program.